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Readers Picks: Top Motorcycle Gear on Amazon

For this new series, we’re taking a peek into the Amazon shopping carts of our readers. By exploring what you’re buying, we’ll get a better idea of the brands you trust and what products you deem essential. Here are some of the most popular bike accessories with the Motorcycle.com community.
Grip-n-Ride passenger safety belt

A one-size-fits-all design, this passenger safety belt is lightweight yet durable. Made to be worn as a kidney belt on its own, this device also features comfort handles on the sides and front for passengers to hold onto at high speeds. For added security, the belt secures with a Velcro strap and large buckle.
Master Lock SafeSpace portable personal safe

A durable, water-resistant case and shock-absorbing foam lining protect your valuables while on the road. Small enough to fit in any rear-seat, tank bag or saddlebag, the safe’s integrated locking cable means that it can’t be carried away. The dial combination can be re-set for added security.
$27.59 $24.08
CAW.CAR Accessories cellphone mount

This universal mount works on any bike with tubular handlebars from 0.6 to 1.4-inches in diameter. This shock-absorbing design features a rubberized clip with silicone belt that wraps around the four corners of the device to keep it in place. The mount fits phones up to 3.7-inches wide, and has a ball and bracket design for adjustable viewing angles.

How do we get this data? Some of our stories contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on embedded links and then make a purchase, we may earn commission. Through the Amazon affiliate program, we also have the ability to access reports telling us what people are buying through those links. By looking at the bestselling items on Amazon from last year, we can determine which brands our readers trust and what products they love. It’s worth noting that no identifying information is gathered and editorial operates independently of the sales and affiliate marketing teams.
The Readers’ Picks series is brought to you by WiseGuide. We write about things we think you’ll like, introducing you to great products, services and special deals. Prices are accurate at the time of publishing. We’ll update the links whenever possible, but please keep in mind that deals may expire and costs are subject to change. We may earn revenue from the products and services you buy. Follow WiseGuide on Twitter @WiseGuide_.

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