Bollinger’s electric truck is nothing like a Tesla, and that’s OK

Bollinger Motors

It has become a trope to compare every new electric vehicle (EV) startup to Tesla. I know I’m guilty of doing so, but it’s hard not to; for all its troubles with Model 3 mass production, you can’t deny Tesla’s achievements. Bollinger Motors is almost entirely unlike Tesla. There’s no masterplan to ramp up to half-a-million units a year. No one is working on self-driving software or sensors. Its vehicle, a refreshingly utilitarian-looking thing called the B1, doesn’t even have a touchscreen. But it may be the coolest EV in development, particularly if you’re someone who prefers function over form.
The company is the brainchild of Robert Bollinger, who ended up in the fortunate position of being able to indulge his childhood passion—in this case building a car. Given a childhood drawing sports cars, it’s therefore a little surprising that the B1 intends to remake the truck.
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