AGVs New K-1 Helmet is Here. Sort of.

Hmmm, this release came from AGV’s UK distributor. If the new K-1 helmet isn’t in the US yet, it soon should be.

AGV Press Release:
K-1 is the brand new AGV sport helmet for everyday riding challenges.
Born from AGV racing technology, ready for every road experience.

Aerodynamic shape, racing-developed front air vents and wind-tunnel engineered aero spoiler maximizes performance while providing stability at higher speed.
Panoramic anti-scratch visor allows a wider lateral and vertical field of
vision for a total control of the environment.
Comfort is no-compromise with Dry-Comfort soft removable interiors.
K-1, a helmet for winners.

Clicking the link provided takes us here to AGV’s UK site, where the K-1 Soleluna sells for 179.99 £ – or $252.49 today. Solid black or white K-1s are just 139.99 £.
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