Rich Olivers Mystery School Announces New Classes and Rest of 2018 Dates

One of our favorite riding schools, Rich Oliver’s Mystery School, has just announced some new training courses as well as their schedule for the remainder of 2018.
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Introducing Rich Oliver’s Mystery School newest course, the ‘Dynamic Three-Day Fun Camp’, where the curriculum blends portions of both the traditional Fun Camp and Pro Camp. We’ve added an additional day to our Fun Camp curriculum to allow for more drills, timed events and racing with the focus on competition and personal improvement!
Founded in 2003, the Mystery School has expanded to a new permanent 13.9 acre park-like setting in Prather, California. The facility is solely dedicated to help students make skill improvements during their time at the School with custom designed track and drill areas. Rich and his staff help guide their students to learn improved bike control, how to manage the motorcycle when it loses traction, and how to overcome mental obstructions that can block learning new skills.
Upcoming dates are listed below and also found at

Two-Day Fun Camp

April 14 – 15
April 28 – 29
May 5 – 6
May 19 – 20
June 2 – 3
September 29 – 30
October 6 – 7
October 27 – 28
November 3 – 4
November 10- 11
December 1 – 2

Dynamic Three-Day Fun Camp *New Course!

September 1 – 3
December 7 – 9

Kid’s Ride and Wrench Camp

April 21 – 22
October 13 – 14

Learn To Ride Off-Road Course

May 12
July 14
September 22
November 17

Off-Road Challenge Course

June 16
June 17
July 15
September 23
November 18

POST Motorcycle Update Course (for police officers)

April 3 – 4
May 9 – 10
May 23 – 24
June 19 – 20
July 11 – 12
September 6 – 7
September 18 – 19
October 17 – 18
November 27 – 28
December 12 – 13
December 18 – 19

Private Training Days

April 27
June 1
June 15
September 28
October 5
October 26
November 2
November 16

The Two-Day Fun Camp and is designed for everyone interested in improving their overall motorcycle control. Students need to be able to ride a motorcycle; however, they do not have to have any dirt experience. Rich uses a step by step process to teach how to slide the Yamaha TT-R into the corners with skill and confidence. Students experience two fun-filled days of flat track riding drills, practice riding, and racing topped off with a final main event race! This class is very effective for all levels of street, dirt and track day riders.
The Off-Road Challenge Course is for the graduate of the “Learn To Ride Off-Road” program or for those riders with a minimum of similar street training. The curriculum takes students on an off-road riding adventure over multiple whoops, through a rock filled stream crossing, up a challenging and winding hill climb, over actual logs, over many small jumps, through the woods with tight turns, through sand and mud and much more! Learn correct body position for any type of terrain you may encounter on your trail or adventure bike, and be prepared for it all!
Additional courses offered include Private Training Days with Rich, Learn To Ride Off-Road Course, Kid’s Ride & Wrench Camp, and the POST Motorcycle Update Course (for police officers). Visit or call (559) 855-3089 for more information.
Rich Oliver’s Mystery School is sponsored by Yamaha’s bLU cRU program, Yamaha Motor Corporation, Yamalube, Yamaha Generators, Shoei Safety Helmets, Cortech, MotionPro, Lightshoe, Lindemann Engineering and ASV Inventions.
Gain Skills, Gain Confidence and Gain Control!
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