It’s big, bold, badass, and there’s even a hybrid: The Lincoln Aviator


NEW YORK—For the last couple of years, you couldn’t go to an American auto show without tripping over the Lincoln Navigator. But Ford’s luxury brand has another new plush SUV in the pipeline, one that revives a classic name from the past. It’s the new Aviator, and it’s going to be a stylish three-row SUV that it says signals the future of the brand: a combination of utility, electrification, and “effortless services.” Lincoln took the wraps off the Aviator—which is due on sale next year—at this year’s New York International Auto Show, and it’s fair to say the new machine caused quite a buzz.
The choice of another SUV for Lincoln is an obvious one, for the luxury sedan is an endangered species. And Lincoln is embracing both the S and U in that acronym. Sporty—because the Aviator will be built on a rear-wheel-drive platform (with all-wheel drive as an option)—and utility because it has three full rows of seating, able to fit two grown adults in that third row. The company was coy when it came to technical specifications, but we do know the Aviator will be powered by a twin-turbo engine, which we assume will be a V8 given the length of the hood and the market it will compete in. Encouragingly, there will also be a plug-in hybrid version.
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