Luis Fonsi’s Custom Polaris Slingshot + Video

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, best known for his worldwide hit song Despacito, recently set out to find a fun and flashy way to get around town while in Miami, so he called his friend Alex Vega. Vega owns The Auto Firm, a shop which specializes in custom builds of everything from Bentleys and Rolls Royces, to Jeeps and well, Slingshots.
What started out as a stock Polaris Slingshot SL, was quickly transformed into a personalized custom three-wheeler for Luis Fonsi.
Alex Vega, born and raised in Miami, has had a passion for custom vehicles since childhood; watching shows like the Dukes of Hazzard and the A-Team as a kid, it wasn’t long before Vega knew he wanted to create custom vehicles of his own.

Flash forward through a couple of tumultuous business deals and some bad luck, Alex Vega is now world-renowned for his work on any machine that comes his way.

Luis Fonsi and Alex Vega have been friends for a long time, so when Fonsi came to Vega in search of something fun and unique to cruise around Miami, Alex told him to look no further than the Polaris Slingshot.
If you have to be on more than two wheels, the Slingshot isn’t a bad way to get around Miami, and with the right touch, it will turn enough heads to make even the flashiest of pop music superstars content.
Alex and his son began work on the Slingshot right away to create the design and brainstorm Fonsi’s three-wheeler into the unique whip you see today. Vega’s production crew documented the build to feature this custom project into a show-like build video.
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The video showcases the entire build process from conceptualization to finished product. After the basic ideas are ironed out, Vega involves his son in the design work and shortly after, the team comes together to create a one-off, subtly unique Polaris Slingshot for Luis Fonsi.

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