Campagna Motors Announces 100% Electric T-REX Three-Wheeler

During the ’90s, when oddball vehicles like the Plymouth Prowler were cool (were they though?) or popular rather, so was the Campagna T-Rex. It was totally different from anything on the road and it had screaming motor that definitely made you look twice. Well, Campagna Motors has teamed up with Zero Motorcycles and has just announced that it will be unveiling a 100% electric T-Rex prototype at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, April 20-22. A second more advanced prototype is planned for the summer of 2018. Sounds neat!
Begin Release:

BOUCHERVILLE, QC, CANADA – April 4, 2018 – Campagna Motors announces the development of an all-electric T-REX® Prototype. Previously establishing successful partnerships with BMW and Harley-Davidson to source powerplants for the T-REX® and V13R® respectfully, this undertaking consisted of integrating Zero Motorcycles’ powertrain technology into the chassis of the legendary T-REX® for an even more dynamic and unique offering.

The motors, batteries and controllers have been seamlessly integrated into the T-REX®, creating a high performance vehicle, without the need for gasoline.
The standard gas-powered Campagna T-Rex, for those who don’t remember.
“Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team and partners, the T-REX® has become the benchmark for three-wheeled performance,” says André Morissette, president of Campagna Motors, “Our collaboration with Zero Motorcycles brings a whole new level of innovation and originality to this already exhilarating platform.”
Zero is known for consistently producing the electric vehicle industry’s most energy and power dense battery packs, offering more range and performance than any production electric motorcycle on the market. Their advanced lithium-ion batteries are also maintenance-free.
“We’re excited that Campagna selected our industry-leading powertrain technology to develop their electric T-REX®,” said Zero Motorcycles Director of Business Development Jim Callahan, “Zero’s electric powertrain is an ideal solution for the ultimate three-wheeled experience. This vehicle is an absolute thrill to drive.”
The Prototype will be unveiled for the first time at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show. A second more advanced prototype is planned for the summer of 2018.
About Campagna Motors
Campagna Motors was founded in 1988 in the province of Quebec, Canada by Daniel Campagna, who devoted more than eight years to the creation of the T-REX®. Since the development of the first prototype in 1994, Campagna Motors has continued with a creative team of engineers and technicians carrying the mission and vision with the T-REX® and V13R®. For more information, visit: Campagna Motors USA is presently undertaking a Regulations A+ Public Offering. For more information on this offering visit
About Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero motorcycles combine Silicon Valley tech with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative, riders around the world. For more details about Zero’s 2018 line or to see the new motorcycles at a dealer near you, visit

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