There’s growing evidence Tesla’s Autopilot handles lane dividers poorly

Enlarge / Thanks in part to a functional safety barrier, the damage from the September crash in Hayward was much less severe than last month’s crash in Mountain View. (credit: KGO-TV)
Last week, we reported on the death of Walter Huang, a Tesla customer whose Model X vehicle slammed into a concrete lane divider in Mountain View, California. Tesla has acknowledged that Autopilot was active at the time of the crash.
Now KGO-TV, the local ABC television station in the San Francisco area, has uncovered details of another crash involving a Tesla vehicle slamming into a highway divider with Autopilot engaged. This incident occurred in Hayward, across the San Francisco Bay from Silicon Valley.
Thankfully, this crash was different in one important respect: there was a working highway safety barrier in front of the concrete divider. As a result, the crash was much less severe and the driver was able to walk away.
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