A 5-liter V8 in a world of small-capacity turbos: The 2018 Lexus GS F


It’s no secret that the V8 engine is going the way of the manual transmission, the Northern White Rhino, and original storytelling in American cinema. Anyone who follows the automotive business or simply loves cars knows it. Unless the topic of discussion is Italian supercars or muscled-up working pickups, the sun will inevitably rise on a day when even the most ripped of muscle cars or the most aggressive of sport luxury machines will just have to get by with six cylinders, a turbocharger, and simulated exhaust notes.
Swimming against the tide
So, let’s take a moment before we get rolling here to salute Lexus for feeding its 2018 GS-F a proper, naturally aspirated V8. This 5.0L 90-degree, all-aluminum power plant features both direct- and port-injection, variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust valves, and redlines at a respectable 7,300rpm. Meanwhile, Lexus’ rivals are all headed to smaller-capacity turbocharged engines that struggle to get past 6,500.
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