Poll: Should Marc Marquez be Penalized?

For 1) riding backwards on the grid before the start of yesterday’s Argentine MotoGP race after his bike stalled, and not starting from pit lane as ordered:

The 2018 #ArgentinaGP will live long in the memory
Relive all the drama on VideoPass https://t.co/QpCzw2rvU2 pic.twitter.com/He4kbUMhLz
— MotoGP (@MotoGP) April 9, 2018

For 2) ramming Aleix Espargaro, who was forced to quit five laps later:

And for 3) ramming nine-time world champ and fan favorite Valentino Rossi yet again, forcing him to crash:

The moment everyone is talking about from #ArgentinaGP @marcmarquez93 and @ValeYellow46 CLASH!
Relive the #TermasClash https://t.co/uxrqBB0MdH pic.twitter.com/1F01kUpn05
— MotoGP (@MotoGP) April 9, 2018

Yes of course he should be penalized. In fact he was penalized with a ride-through for his starting grid foul-up, and he did get a 30-second penalty for knocking Rossi down again. The question is, is that enough? Has Marquez paid his debt to society?
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