Icon Releases its Moto Vlogger Takedown Challenge

Icon has become known for producing over-the-top videos highlighting super-human stunt riders and equally impressive custom motorcycles. The newest addition to its video line-up is the Moto Vlogger Takedown Challenge. A video which parodies the current social media landscape and vloggersphere trending on YouTube and across other social media channels.
Lord of Atlas – Alcan 5000
The Raiden Files – Portland to Dakar
The Moto Vlogger Takedown Challenge pits two very fake, yet very different moto vlogger personalities against each other across various obstacles and terrain throughout Portland, Oregon. Perhaps most interesting, are the Icon Edition Zero FX electric motorcycles showcased in the video. The weapon of choice so as to not disturb fellow Portlanders.
Icon 1000 Triumph Speedmaster
To be honest, I almost couldn’t stand to watch the entire thing. The only redeeming factor of this video is my man, Allan Lane, a.k.a. Black Moses, a.k.a. Mr. Allan Lane to you. Lane’s larger than life persona is genuinely entertaining and even more so when you know that he isn’t acting. He’s the real deal. The man, the myth, the legend. #BlackMoses
Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2
Take some time, give it a view, or don’t, whatever. In the words of Mr. Lane, “It’s only entertainment!”

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