Craigslist Deal O The Day: 2003 KTM 450 EXC Supermoto

This smooth criminal from Basking Ridge is being forced to part with his KTM 450 EXC Supermoto. Do yourself a favor and give this bad boy a read. Careful though, you may end up with a new bike followed by a whole slew of problems unrelated to the motorcycle. 
Harley-Davidson owners, chicken-legged dudes, and dicks need not reply.
Original Craigslist posting below:

Sup. I’m selling my KTM because I literally cannot stop popping wheelies and dropping panties wherever I go. My wife has filed for divorce because I cannot keep these women off me, and I’d be a damned fool to deny them. Selling to pay for attorney fees. If you want to make it your life hobby to fight off girls with daddy issues, look no further than this Supermoto. This bike will not only rip trails, it will rip the souls out of lesser men as you pass them by as they drive their shitty Prius. The tires are still in great condition, the front one is practically brand new because it never even touches the ground, I can barely park this bike without it popping up. Yes this bike has a starter, but no pussy in their right mind would ever use it. If you buy this bike, don’t even think about pushing that button; kick this bike harder than Jean-Claude Van Damme kicked that Chinese dude at the end of Bloodsport. If you buy this bike it’ll be your Brappy Birthday every day of the week.
Don’t message me about this bike if the following applies to you; You ride or have ridden a Harley Davidson, You skip leg day, You’re gonna be a dick about the price, You’re under 6ft tall or if you’re a female and you’re not interested in dating me while my divorce is going through.
Now that we got that out of the way, here are some fine ass details on the bike. If you email me or text me asking some bull crap that’s already answered down here, I’ll literally fart into the phone and send it to you.

2003 KTM 450 EXC
Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tires
w/Caliper Relocation Bracket
Original KTM Wheels with dirt tires.
Brand New RK Racing Chain
Brand New 14 Tooth Front Sprocket
Brand New Motion Pro Speed Sensor Cable
Brand New Brake Pads – Front and Rear
Bolt Kit w/Tons of extra shizz
Blue Plastics/Fairings
Elimated Rear Fender
LED Turn Signals & Rear Lights
w/Adjustable LED Relay
Tight ass Bar-End mirrors
Moose Racing Exhaust Silencer Guard
Moose Racing Skid Plate
RAM Phone Mount
Oil Changed with New Filters
Brake Fluid changed and bled
LED Light Kit that looks cool as HECK at night.
Dope ass KTM with manuals and other shit in it.
Couple hundred hours on it.
Come with some extra stuff, the old fender, rear fender rack, old turn signals, spare parts etc.. I’ve got other cool stuff I can throw in if you’re equally as cool.
Interested? Get at it here.
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