Federal officials boot Tesla from crash investigation

Enlarge / Elon Musk unveiling the Model X in 2012. (credit: Tim Rue/Corbis via Getty Images)
The National Transportation Safety Board announced Thursday that it has revoked Tesla’s status as a party to its investigation of a fatal Model X crash in Mountain View, California last month.
Being a party to an investigation allows a company to fully participate in the investigation process, sharing information with the agency and viewing information uncovered by NTSB while the investigation is still ongoing. For example, Uber is working with the NTSB to investigate the cause of last month’s fatal self-driving car crash in Tempe, Arizona.
But parties must agree to respect the confidentiality of the process while it’s underway, and the agency says that Tesla has broken that agreement with recent comments about the Mountain View crash. In a statement this week to Silicon Valley television station ABC 7, for example, Tesla argued that the crash occurred because driver Walter Huang “was not paying attention to the road.”
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