Ride Sunday: A Global One-Day Motorcycle Charity Event

Us motorcyclists, we’re an interesting breed, you know? We’re all connected by our love of riding motorcycles, yet often times we butt heads and disagree on things – kind of like one big dysfunctional family, I suppose. Well, Sunday June 3rd, is an opportunity for all of us to set our differences aside and come together in unison by hitting the streets, trails and tracks to do what we love and raise money for those in need. Ride Sunday is a one-day charity event for all motorcyclists across the globe to unite as one, for a greater cause.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what type of bike you ride, or what language you speak; Ride Sunday is about supporting charities that strive to provide people with happier and healthier lives. The event anticipates raising over $1 Million in donations benefiting 50+ charities this year, and the goal is to raise $500 Million within the next 10 years and become the world’s largest motorcycling charity event by 2020.

Ride Sunday was founded by the same team behind ‘The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’, a charity ride encouraging men to dress to the nines and ride their vintage and classic motorcycles, while raising funds and awareness for men’s health (prostate cancer and mental health, specifically). Along the same lines, Ride Sunday will be a way to positively change the way the world sees motorcyclists.
“Motorcycling is in our DNA. There is nothing else like it. No matter what riding niche you fall into, Ride Sunday is a day for you,” said founder Mark Hawwa.
“Our vision is for every street in every major city to be packed with motorcycles. For one day, I want riders to be impossible to miss. For the world to see our numbers, to notice us, and to see that there is more than just a rider beneath the helmet.”

“Together we can make a change. This is not lip service; we will change people’s lives with the funds and awareness raised through Ride Sunday. This can only be achieved through the support of registered participants getting on their bikes and raising money for the causes that they have a personal connection with.”
Getting involved is easy, and any rider has the choice to either join a certified dealer ride, start and host their own ride, or tag along onto an existing group ride via www.ridesunday.com. The registration process is quick, simple and straightforward. Once registered, riders can choose their charity and spread the word, encouraging others to join and donate as well. Donating is not necessary to participate, however even the smallest donation makes a difference.
Check the video out below and head to www.ridesunday.com for more information on how you can ride your motorcycle to help those in need.

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