The KTM X-Bow Track Day Car Is Coming To North America

Yeah, yeah – we know it has four wheels, but you cant deny the KTM X-Bow doesn’t look like a blast to drive… Unfortunately, it’s not street legal, but the 300 hp, 1,750 lb track car will make its U.S. debut next weekend at the MotoGP COTA round in Austin, Texas, April 20-22. The X-Bow is already available to be purchased stateside. For more info, see below.

GRAZ, Austria – The years of waiting are over: the spectacular, revolutionary, lightweight super sports car from Austria, the KTM X-BOW, is finally set to arrive in the United States. The Audi-powered, 300-horsepower strong and only 1,750-pound light track-day weapon will be officially launched on April 20-22 alongside the U.S. MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas.
Celebrating its 10th consecutive year of production in 2018, with far more than 1,100 cars sold worldwide, it was time for the KTM X-BOW to enlighten sports car racers in the U.S. With its high-quality factory in Graz, Austria, KTM Sportcar GmbH configured a model specifically built for the U.S. market as a non-street legal, track use only model, keeping the focus on extreme performance true to KTM’s READY TO RACE brand.
The KTM X-BOW COMP R is immediately available through the first U.S. sales partners: HMC Racing in Cato, Wisconsin and ANSA Motorsports in Miami Gardens, Florida. Exclusively for the first U.S. customers, there will also be the possibility to acquire the special limited edition KTM X-BOW COMP R 1ST EDITION. With its fighter-jet-like design and a 350-horsepower output driving a sequential gearbox, extensive aero packages and nearly all available extras added, the special 1ST EDITION pulls out all the stops.
Homologated for Formula S&A Racer classes in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) racing events and also private closed-course track-day use, the KTM X-BOW COMP R and COMP R 1ST EDITION is undoubtedly a serious contender at your local race track. More information will be available at the COTA MotoGP in Austin, Texas as KTM X-BOW representatives from Austria will be on hand, as well as representatives from U.S. sales partners ANSA Motorsports and HMC Racing.
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