Auto Fabrica Unveils Yard Built XSR900 Type 11

The British firm Auto Fabrica has worked in collaboration with Yamaha’s Yard Built program to produce the XSR900 Type 11. The firm first produced Prototypes One and Three which might lead you to believe they can’t count, but the motorcycles are all pretty cool so we don’t really mind.
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Yard Built XSR900 “Type 11” by Auto Fabrica
Classic Style Blends with Modern Surface Language
Cypress, CA – April 19, 2018 – Auto Fabrica is one of the UK’s most exciting custom builders, bringing cutting-edge design to classic style. Yamaha contacted them knowing they would craft something unique without sacrificing the energy beneath. A Sport Heritage staple model, the XSR900, was chosen as the base for its extensive customization capabilities, as well as the proven power of its 847cc three-cylinder power plant.
Auto Fabrica co-founders Bujar and Gaz Muharremi linked up with designer and close friend Toby Mellor to lay down the blueprints for the “Type 11” Prototype One. This design focused on blurring the lines between classic style and modern surface language. The team decided this would be a track-only motorcycle so they wouldn’t be held back by the regulations for day to day road use.

The Story Begins with the Prototype One
The Prototype One is race ready down to the smallest detail and oozes raw power. Custom Öhlins suspension, Brembo calipers, specialist PFM brake discs and BST Carbon Wheels provide stunning handling. Carbon-nylon 3D printed, CAD designed elements combine with hand-laid carbon fiber elements featuring Zirotek coatings, which were specially selected and designed to fit harmoniously with the radically-styled handmade wrap-over aluminum body. A flush fitted dial, contrasting seat unit, quick fill race tank and handmade 3-into-3 exhaust top it all off.

The Tale Develops as the Prototype Three Emerges
It quickly became clear that Prototype One was only the beginning of the story. Auto Fabrica wanted something with the same DNA that they could take to the road. The Prototype Three took shape, this time using a true legend as the base: the Yamaha XS750. With the style of the 1970’s, the XS750 fits with the Auto Fabrica love of modern design on classic lines. Performance parts were added for power, and the team brought the historic machine right into the future. Brembo calipers and a Motogadget Speedo mix with flowing forms created using traditional panel beating techniques and hand forming. All these blend with creative interpretations of classic designs, like the 3D printed velocity stacks and bespoke headlight structures. The signature exhaust also marks the creation as unmistakably Auto Fabrica.

A Legend is Born in the Prototype Two
After building the Prototype One and Prototype Three, there was only one place to go. The “Type 11” Prototype Two took everything from the first two builds and combined it into a road going machine. The Prototype Two was built on the Yamaha XSR900 base and takes its performance perks from the Prototype One, and its attention-grabbing aesthetics from the Prototype Three. High quality, bespoke, blended collections of design philosophies and techniques give the Prototype Two its powerful visage. A round headlight, conventional fuelling, trimmed seats, indicators, road tires and matching metallic silver paint tie the finish of Prototype Two to the classic style of Prototype Three.
“Seeing this project evolve has been something really special for all of us,” commented Antoine Clémot, Yamaha Motor Europe Motorcycle Product Manager. “This went from a beautiful idea with a great bike to three incredible creations that speak to everything Yamaha’s Yard Built platform represents. The fact that the Prototype Two is going to find its way into enthusiast’s hands is thrilling as well. So often these are one-off pieces, and knowing that this bike will be ridden out there in the real world, by people with a love for unique design, is something we can all get a kick out of.”
The Prototype Two will be supplied in a strictly limited run, sold as the Auto Fabrica “Type 11” and tailored to order with the first deliveries expected between Summer and Autumn 2018.
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