Autonomous cars won’t solve traffic, but the Eli Zero could


Listen to most mobility experts and they’ll tell you the future of transportation involves connected, autonomous, shared electric vehicles. While it’s true those should deliver some benefits—like fewer crashes and less CO2 in the atmosphere—there’s not actually much evidence that autonomous cars will solve problems like congestion. Sure, you might be able to watch TV or work during your commute, but you’ll still be stuck in a car for hours every day. Which is why a new neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) called the Eli Zero caught my attention recently.
NEVs certainly aren’t the answer for everyone; if you’re the sort of person who has a 50-mile commute on a freeway every day, you might as well stop reading now because they won’t solve any of your problems. But for people who live and work in denser urban areas whose commute or trip to the grocery store sticks to roads with city-appropriate speed limits, or who live in planned communities like Celebration, Florida, a NEV can start to make a lot of sense.
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