When BMX Meets Moto #StreetMoto Is Born

As motorcyclists, many of us can relate to riding BMX as a kid. Back then, the lifestyle was about grabbing your bike and using whatever’s around to its full potential. Ledges or benches were perfect for grinding, staircases are opportunities to jump down, walls were meant for riding, and gaps were meant for clearing. Introduce an empty swimming pool and the possibilities are nearly endless.
Leave it to Justin Mulford to carry that BMX mindset one step farther, seeing the streets as a playground for his 450cc motocrosser (a Kawasaki KX450F by the looks of it) – because what’s better than pedal power? A 450 Single, of course! And judging by the video below, nothing is off limits. Playgrounds? Sure. The LA River? Absolutely. Staircases (both up and down)? Duh. Maybe the most daring feat of all, though, is blindly clearing an access road – and if you’re familiar with Southern California locales, it appears to be an access road to the 710 freeway in Long Beach. We’re going to give Justin the benefit of doubt and assume the jump attempt was done while the roads were closed for the Long Beach Grand Prix.
Mulford is surely going to catch flack by many for what some will consider irresponsible riding, and while MO doesn’t condone his actions, we are a little impressed with the creativity. You can make your own judgements after watching the video below.

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