Eight Great Moto-Camping Rigs and Setups at Babes in the Dirt

Camping with your motorcycle, whether it be on- or off-road, is one of our favorite pastimes. Depending on where you live, some have the luxury of doing it nearby or right in their backyard, while others have to travel a little further. Depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing and how long you’ll be gone, your setup will be different. Some prefer to travel light, while others bring everything they need including big-screen TVs and even the kitchen sink. This past weekend we hit the road with our dirtbikes to attend the fourth annual Babes in the Dirt, an all-girls off-road campout, which you can read all about by clicking the link just below.
Babes in the Dirt IV: A Ladies-Only Off-Road Campout
The following is a list of a few of our favorite moto-camping setups from the weekend in Lebec, California. Some kept it simple with good ol’ fashioned tents and folding chairs, and others kicked back and slept in full-blown six-figure RVs and toy-haulers. While everyone would prefer the luxury of the latter, there’s nothing wrong with roughing it out either, and there’re options out there for any type of budget.
1. Ghost Busters Off-Road Ambulance

Six months ago, my buddy Garrett bought this ambulance and since then he’s been modifying it into the ultimate moto-camper. It’s got a 7.3-liter turbo diesel that he swapped in favor of the 6.7-liter that was in there when he got it. He says it averages between 21-23 mpg – not bad, not bad at all. He’s also lifted it, added exterior lights, built out the interior with a full queen-sized mattress and plans on converting the drivetrain to 4×4. On the back Garrett’s got an Ultimate MX Hauler to carry his dirtbike and he gets compliments and questions everywhere he goes. He travels all up and down the West Coast with his dog Katie.

2. Toyo Taco

This Taco(ma) has everything to make moto-camping not only easier, but more comfortable too. It’s got a Tepui tent mounted to the cap’s roof rails, which sets up in minutes, with a hinged setup that erects itself simply by folding it open. The tent comes with a 4-inch thick built-in mattress, a ladder to the ground and it all zips up in a waterproof liner for transport and when not in use. Plus it’s nice to sleep off the ground where potential critters can’t get to you. In the truck bed under the cap, there’s plenty of dry storage space and a trailer to haul the bikes. Well done, ladies.
3. The Party Van

Camping means you’re out in the elements, so when they get inclement, it’s nice to have the option of getting inside. These girls converted their Ford Econoline passenger van into a cool little bungalow, with an inviting interior to drink beers and play cards. When party time was over, they just folded the chairs, laid out their sleeping bags and shut the doors. Simple, yet effective.

4. The Stabbin’ Cabin

Same idea as above, but with some added ‘70s style. This survivor Dodge Tradesman custom van from the ‘70s with its two tone brown and orange paint and slot mags kind of reminds me of the Kawasaki Z900RS. Coincidence? I think not, now pass the joint.
5. Full-Blown Fifth-Wheel Luxury

This Grand Design Momentum fifth-wheel toy hauler is nicer than any house I’ve ever lived in and unfortunately waaay out of my budget, but a boy can dream, right? One day… Definitely the pinnacle of moto-camping, the Momentum line from Grand Design will set you back around $70k before you even start piling on all the add-ons, but with a setup like this, I don’t think I’d even need a separate house, apartment or garage. That’s of course also assuming you have a truck with enough snot to pull it. Also, the neon underglow might seem silly, but it’s for finding your way back to the right rig at night after a few or more so you don’t find yourself cuddling up to someone else’s wife…

6. Tailgaitin’

Babes in the Dirt is an all-girls event, so of course you can expect to find some Etsy-type looking setups, but I gotta give it up to these girls for rolling in with a Fourth Generation Ford F100. These girls roughed it out too by sleeping under the stars in the truck bed. Their grandpas would be proud their granddaughters weren’t raised to be some yellow-bellied sissies. Rock on!
7. Factory Rugged

FMF is one of the Babes in the Dirt’s sponsors and they camped out just like the rest of us, albeit with a little more style. The FMF Toyota Tundra is fully decked-out to conquer just about any terrain. Wheels, tires, lift kit, winch, light bars and racks galore, there’s very little that hasn’t been modified on this Tundra. There’s even a tailgate cooking stove and not one, but two spare wheels. Hey FMF, say, can I borrow that? Pretty please?

8. Good Ol’ Fashioned American Pie

What can I say about this setup other than, God Bless America!!!
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