CSC Announces City Slicker Electric Motorcycle Priced At $1995

While it’s not going to win any spec-sheet shootouts, the CSC City Slicker Electric Motorcycle could be a fun option for those looking at a two-wheeled electric vehicle to get them around town. 
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CSC Announces City Slicker Electric Motorcycle
AZUSA, Calif. – July 11, 2018 – PRLog — CSC Motorcycles announced a new electric motorcycle today, the City Slicker, a motorcycle to be initially offered at the astonishingly low price of $1995 under CSC’s introductory “Don’t Miss The Boat” program.   The all-electric City Slicker motorcycle meets all US Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, and California Air Resources Board requirements, and the motorcycle is approved for all 50 US states.   Like CSC’s other offerings, the City Slicker is manufactured to CSC specifications by Zongshen, one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers.
“We’ve done very well bringing Zongshen motorcycles to the US,” said Steve Seidner, CSC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “When we first saw the City Slicker, we knew it was right for the United States,” Seidner continued.   “We worked closely with Zongshen to tailor this extremely affordable, high quality motorcycle to US expectations.  The build quality is world class, and the bike is just plain fun to ride.  Riding an electric motorcycle is a uniquely-different experience.  The City Slicker is completely silent, and it is very quick off the line.   The experience is like riding a bicycle downhill or sailing. It’s different and it’s fun.”
The all-electric CSC City Slicker uses a nonhub motor and final drive is via belt drive, which eliminates the chain noise created by other electric motorcycles offered in the US.  The City Slicker has two operating modes controlled from an easily-accessible handlebar-mounted switch.   In the Power mode, the City Slicker has a top speed of 46.6 mph and a range of approximately 35 miles.  In the Eco mode, the motorcycle has a lower top speed (37 mph) with a greater range.  The City Slicker requires 6 to 8 hours to recharge a fully-discharged battery using a standard 110VAC outlet.  Instrumentation includes a speedometer, odometer, and trip meter, as well as a cellphone-like battery status indicator and a motor temperature indicator.  Controls are similar to conventional motorcycles, with the exception of no clutch and no gear shifting.   The motorcycle has inverted forks and a large, lockable storage compartment where a conventional motorcycle fuel tank would be located.  The City Slicker also has a unique reverse drive feature.  The City Slicker has hydraulically-operated front and rear disk brakes.
Azusa-based CSC uses a direct path to market for its motorcycles (CSC sells direct to its customers, with no dealers).  Motorcycles are shipped from CSC directly to customers’ homes, with no assembly required.  The City Slicker is available in two colors (blue or red).   The electric motorcycles will have a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.
“As we have done in the past with the RX3, the TT250, and our other motorcycles, we are offering a Don’t-Miss-The-Boat introductory price of just $1995,” Seidner explained.   “We’ve found that our Don’t-Miss-The-Boat introductions get the word out quickly and accelerate market acceptance.  After the initial shipment, the City Slicker’s price will be $2495.   That’s still many thousands of dollars less than any other electric motorcycle offered in America,” Seidner said.  “We are taking deposits now and the motorcycles will be here this fall.”
For additional information, please see the CSC website ( or call 909 445 0900.
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