MO Tested: Womens REV’IT! Ignition 3 Jacket  Pants

Womens REV’IT! Ignition 3 Jacket & PantsEditor Score: 87.5%Aesthetics 9.5/10Protection 9.5/10 Value 8.0/10Comfort/Fit 9.0/10 Quality/Design 9.0/10 Weight 8.5/10 Options/Selection 7.0/10Innovation 9.0/10Weather Suitability 9.0/10Desirable/Cool Factor 9.0/10Overall Score87.5/100
The REV’IT! Ignition 3 Jacket and Pant is a 3-season offering from REV’IT! that combines leather and textile to create a hybrid of sorts. Cristina has used the garments on our 900-plus mile trip to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering as well as a few shorter rides. During our trip to Carmel Valley, we experienced scorching temperatures on our way through California’s central valley, cooler weather near Monterey, and even some dense hanging fog that was more comparable to light rain than merely a cool weather front. That trip alone gave Cristina the chance to use nearly every feature the jacket and pants offer which left us both thankful for the versatility of the Ignition 3 kit.
I recently touched on the advantages of touring gear in an article published last week where I drove home the point of versatility in touring gear. The Ignition 3 has that and then some. The outer shell of the jacket and pant are made up of supple leather that REV’IT! calls Monaco Performance Cowhide and abrasion resistant textile with large mesh panels that are also proprietary to the Dutch company and are said to offer a high melting point, tear and abrasion resistance, and overall durability. Thankfully, we can’t attest to the crashworthiness of this product and have no plans to do so, so we’ll take REV’IT!’s word for it.
Advantages Of Motorcycle Touring Gear
Reflectivity can be found on the logos and above the elbows on the back of the jacket as well as the outer side of the pant near the boot.
I’ve gotta say, I’m always surprised when I run across people who have only heard of the brand in passing or have simply never heard of it at all. Even for those who are somewhat aware, it seems to come as a surprise that the company is based in the Netherlands or that they’ve been making gear since 1995. REV’IT! has been making great strides in the motorcycle industry and has established itself as a leader alongside brands like Alpinestars and Dainese in terms of style, quality, and protection.
The Ignition 3 setup is no different. The leather feels incredibly supple, yet thick enough to feel protective, the finish on the textile is also smooth to the touch while feeling substantial and branding is subtle and tasteful without being too in your face, which Cristina agreed with, “I love the look of this jacket with the mix of leather and textile. I feel that the jacket is very flattering, it’s classic and cool while not being too flashy.”
The two liners can be used together or separately in the jacket and pant. Note the quilted liner extends past the center from the right side in order to block any wind that may make its way past the zipper.
In terms of use, the Ignition 3 jacket and pant offer quite a bit of that versatility mentioned earlier. Both top and bottom come with a removable quilted liner for warmth and REV’IT!’s proprietary waterproof breathable membrane to keep you dry, or at very least to block the wind. Each can be used on their own or forgone completely for days like today when that beautiful California sun reminds us that we do, in fact, live in a desert.
“I really like all of the removable layers in the jacket. For a day ride from Long Beach to Monterey, the weather can change drastically, so it was great to be able to unzip layers or add layers back as the temperature changed. Forearm vents were also really helpful in warmer temperatures and were easy to adjust,” says Cristina of the Ignition 3’s versatility.

Thankfully, since more often than not it’s warm here in SoCal, the large mesh panels down the front and back of the jacket as well as the sleeves provide ample airflow. Same is the case with the pants, large mesh panels down the front of the thighs and on the back above the knee. Leather can be found in the impact/slide areas like the outside of the arm, shoulders, parts of the back, outside of the legs, knees, and seat which translates to a whole lot of abrasion resistance where you need it most.
REV’IT!’s SEEFLEX armor not only carries the higher CE Level 2 rating, but also received the Best of the Best reddot design award in 2015.
Also, to give you protective peace of mind, the shoulders, elbows, and knees are all equipped with CE Level 2 SEEFLEX armor from REV’IT! which can be likened to other soft protectors like the standard D3O or Knox armor in the fact that it’s flexible. However, where SEEFLEX differs, is with its honeycomb-type design to allow for better airflow and breathability. Also included in the pants are SEESMART hip protectors. The Ignition 3 jacket, like most REV’IT! jackets, does not come with a back protector so we ordered the SEESOFT RV CE Level 2 back protector insert for the additional protection ($49.99). One thing to note with the SEESOFT back protectors is that there are four sizes to coordinate with your jacket size, so be sure you take a look at that if you’re interested in back protectors (which you should be).
In terms of fit, REV’IT! describes the jacket as touring fit, which Cristina agreed with, definitely more snug with the liners in, but not overly so, and comfortable for all-day wear.
If you didn’t already know, pockets can be hard to come by on womens clothing in general, and the same can be said for motogear. They don’t exist or they’re comically small, which prompted Cristina to gush about the amount of pockets in the jacket, “I love all of the pockets, many of the women’s jackets I have worn or tried on don’t have many functional pockets compared to the Ignition 3. The pockets are perfect for a full day on the motorcycle. I can take everything I need with me. Even with my pockets full (phone, wallet, etc) the jacket doesn’t feel bulky.”
“I love that it isn’t too bulky and fits me really well. Size 38 fits snug but has enough room to wear the liners or to layer underneath. (In Dainese jackets I wear a 42) Normally I wear a size small on top.”
Knee armor is REV’IT!’s CE Level 2 SEEFLEX armor which is flexible and breathable thanks to its perforated design. The armor also has two-position adjustability for changing the height at which it sits. SEESMART CE Level 1 armor is also included in the hips.
Of the pants, Cristina had this to say, “The pants are size 42, normally I wear a size 8 or 29 waist in denim. The Ignition 3 pants are relatively easy to get into and easy closure. My favorite feature of the pants is the adjustable velcro straps at the hips on both sides. These make it so the pants fit perfectly at the hips and can be as tight or loose as I like.This helps out a lot as I usually have a hard time finding bottoms that can fit my waist and hips. Another nice feature is that the jacket and pants zip together. For touring this was great to keep everything sitting in the right places all day on a long ride. Length of pants is spot on for my 5’6” frame.”
The bootcut of the pant and large zipper allow the pant to fit over the top of most touring footwear.
Cristina only had two complaints with the Ignition 3 jacket and pants after 1000 miles, one of which was some pressure on her hips while seated, which she felt would probably go away once they were more broken in. Additionally, the fact that the pants don’t have pockets (the men’s Ignition 3 pants do have pockets). When was the last time you saw a men’s touring pant without pockets? A silly oversight, if you ask me.
All in all, the REV’IT! Ignition 3 kit offers substantial protection with CE Level 2 rated armor and leather panels in the impact areas while also being extremely versatile in its usability in different climates. The jacket can be had for $539.99 and the pants for $439.99. It’s not often you find this kind of protection in such a vastly versatile piece of riding gear. Kudos, REV’IT! You’ve knocked it out of the park with this kit. 
Has learning about how great the Women’s Ignition 3 is got the man in your life down? Well, cheer up, buddy! They make the Ignition 3 jacket and pant in a men’s version as well.

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