Elon Musk to video game devs: Help me put “super fun games” on Tesla screens

Enlarge / An artist’s approximation of what an in-car Tesla game might look like. Remember, steer into the Nazis. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)
Scrutiny over Tesla autodriving issues apparently hasn’t dissuaded the car maker’s CEO from suggesting potentially unsafe products—and for once, we don’t mean The Boring Company’s $500 flamethrowers.
On Wednesday, Elon Musk used his Twitter account to officially solicit applications from video game developers to work at Tesla—specifically, on games that would be played exclusively within Tesla cars. The below tweet suggests an augmented-reality take on gaming, thanks to its vague call to combine “touch screen, phone, & car irl [in real life].”

Musk followed that up by asking interested game makers to “send examples of prior work” that emphasize “max playability & creativity.” When one Twitter follower suggested that Musk talk to Bioshock series creator Ken Levine, Musk simply replied, “Bioshock is amazing.”
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