Tesla posts bigger-than-expected loss, bigger-than-expected revenue

Tesla’s Model 3 page in July 2018.

Tesla expects to be “cashflow positive every quarter from here on out, absent paying down a big loan,” said Elon Musk during a Wednesday financial call.
The CEO was contrite when he came to the call. He apologized to the analysts that had snapped at on last quarter’s call and offered subdued analysis for the quarter ahead. “Sorry if I sound a little tired,” Musk said. “I’ve been working like crazy in the body shop lately.”
Tesla published its Q2 2018 financial statement this afternoon, and it was a mixed bag for investors. The company lost more money than expected, but Tesla has finally hit the promised 5,000 Model 3s per week number this quarter. As a result, the company is slightly up in after-hours trading.
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