Upcoming Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction(s) Will Be A Duesy

Mecum’s auction will include The “Stockholm Collection” for one thing, which is supposedly kind of a big deal. It includes such juicy motorcycles as the 1939 Crocker Big Tank in our lead image, which will be sold with no reserve (though the estimate is, ahem, $400,000 to 500,000).

Until Indian gets off its butt and builds a modern inline Four, maybe this 1938 Model 438 could keep you amused? Not seeing a price for it, but it’s recently restored and “built to ride,” so maybe more affordable than the Crocker. Or the `51 Vincent Rapide estimated at around $100k.
Sure there’s modern stuff.

This early CB750KO is being sold no reserve, and expected to generate $38 – 50k. The KO as you know, had sandcast engine cases, as Honda didn’t want to invest a lot in manufacturing equipment if the bike turned out to be a flop. It didn’t.
Not modern enough for you?

Maybe this 1988 (first year) Honda RC30 (wow that’ll be 40 years ago in 10 more years) checks your boxes. It’s got 1 “pushing” mile on the odometer. Experts tell us a few no-miles RCs like this have suddenly come to market, following the recent sale of one like it that fetched $90k. Ka-ching! But Mecum estimates this one will go for just $50 to 65k. No reserve.
That’s just four from the Stockholm bunch. In addition to them, Mecum says there’ll be a total of 1,750 bikes going under the gavel.
Meanwhile at the Rio Hotel Casino, Bonham’s will be doing its thing beginning January 24, where Lot 24 is this `93 Ducati Supermono. One of 67 produced, Bonham’s estimates its value at $95 to 125k.

In my price range, I’m interested in this Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon, no reserve, estimated value $3-4000.

Basically, then, you’re looking at one of the, if not the hugest assemblages of cool motorcycles you’ll ever see in one place. And it’s Vegas, too, so you can indulge all your other vices at the same time. I think you can see all the bikes that will be there at these two sites.
It’s probably good to have a plan.
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