In 1959, Volvo gave us the seat belt—here’s what its safety team is building now

Enlarge / A previously crash-tested Volvo XC90. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) Although we make every effort to cover our own travel costs, in this case Volvo flew me to Gothenburg and provided two nights in a hotel.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden—Several years ago, Volvo Cars announced its “Vision 2020” plan. The goal was as simple as it was bold: by the year 2020, no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.
As we get closer to that date, Volvo has started to get more specific about how, exactly, it plans to get there. First, there was the announcement earlier this month that, starting with model year 2021, all new Volvos will be restricted to 112mph (180km/h). And last week, the company invited journalists from around the world to visit its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to learn about its other plans for this initiative.
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