10 Best Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles

Motorcycling and eye protection go hand in hand. Heck, even most states without helmet laws require eye protection. When riding off-road, good goggles are an absolute necessity. Everything from bugs and sticks, to roost and rocks are coming toward you at warp speed just hoping to put your eye out. Sure, goggles are first and foremost about protecting your eyes, but as technology has advanced, so have the features of modern day off-road motorcycle goggles. There are now options such as: the best tint for the terrain or time of day you’ll be riding, dozens of anti-fogging solutions, and flashy colors with equally flashy reflective lenses.
Whatever type of riding you’re doing, it’s likely there are goggles on the market designed for it. We put together a list of the 10 best off-road motorcycle goggles from the best manufacturers in the business to give you a one-stop guide to the gear you need to keep your ojos intact.
100% Racecraft Plus (+) – $85.00

The Racecraft Plus (+) is 100%’s top-of-the-line racing goggles, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suited for track use. The bevy of features the Racecraft Plus carries with it are equally at home trail riding as they are running motos. Outriggers connect the strap to the goggles and ensure a secure fit regardless of helmet shape. The pre-curved lens is the same shape used across the Racecraft product line and therefore can be swapped amongst them. These goggles feature a removable nose guard (pictured without) to protect your face from flying debris; another solution, stay in front! We’ve used the Racecraft and Racecraft Plus in a number of scenarios and have been pleased with their performance. The Racecraft Plus is available in plenty of lens and color options.
Shop for the 100% Racecraft Plus Goggles here
509 Kingpin Fuzion Off-road – $79.95

509’s Kingpin Fuzion off-road goggles put an emphasis on creating the best lens possible. The Kingpin uses 509’s Fuzion technology to create a fog-free lens that is claimed to be five times clearer and longer lasting than traditional lenses and is also fitted with tear-off posts. The Kingpin Fuzion uses a triple-layer foam for a comfortable fit and comes with a removable nose guard.
Shop for the 509 Kingpin Goggles here
FLY Zone Pro – $64.95

FLY’s Zone Pro goggles feature a polycarbonate lens treated with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for longevity and a lightweight polyurethane frame which, with the outrigger strap connection, allows for a comfortable fit for users. The premium multi-layer foam also adds to the comfort and feels top notch. As on many other goggles here, there is a removable nose guard and the lens comes standard with tear-off posts. Plenty of color options are available and each comes with a clear lens and goggle bag.
Shop for the FLY Zone Pro Goggles here
Fox Vue – $119.95

Fox is quite proud of the Vue goggles which were developed with Ken Roczen to create the best eye protection possible for racing. They’re said to fit deeper into the helmet to provide a comfortable secure fit while maximizing the widest field of view possible. Equipped with a pre-curved polycarbonate injection-molded lens, Fox claims optical clarity and increased impact resistance while the TruLock system allows for easy lens changes. Fox keeps it more subtle and refined in styling with the Vue line and delivers modern, well-thought-out goggles that perform as good as they look.
Shop for the Fox Vue Goggles here
FXR Pilot MX – $100.00

FXR began as a snowmobile gear company but has now made the transition to offer moto gear in addition to a solid line of casual apparel. The FXR Pilot MX are the Canadian company’s top-of-the-line goggles. The Pilot MX has all sorts of premium features one would expect for goggles in this price range, such as outrigger strap connections, anti-fog and anti-scratch UV lens coatings, a removable nose guard, and 3D contoured triple density face foam for comfort. Included with the Pilot MX is a clear lens and goggle bag.
Shop for the FXR Pilot MX Goggles here
KLIM Viper Pro Off-road – $89.99

KLIM is known for its premium products and intense product development testing. The Viper Pro off-road goggles are no different. Designed with maximum field of view, optimal ventilation, and durability in mind, the Viper Pro were created to be the best performing trail/off-road goggles on the market. Head over to KLIM’s website to learn more about the laundry list of features included with these goggles.
Shop for the KLIM Viper Pro Goggles here
Leatt Velocity 6.5 – $89.99

These brand new goggles from Leatt are bulletproof, literally. Tested to CE, military ballistic, and ANSI standards, the folks at Leatt wanted to be sure nothing was getting past the Velocity 6.5’s lens, even a .22 caliber bullet. With similar high-end features to other premium goggles on the market, the Velocity 6.5 comes in hot in a market full of great options, giving riders a new choice when considering pro-level eye protection.
Shop for the Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles here
Oakley Front Line – $190.00

The Oakley Front Line is built to fit a variety of faces and helmets for ultimate versatility. Oakley’s Prizm technology is included on specific lenses to maximize contrast and enhance visibility in a range of conditions and with the Ridgelock technology, lens changes are quick and easy.   
Shop for the Oakley Front Line Goggles here
Scott Prospect – $90.00

The Scott Prospect was designed to give riders maximum field of view not only peripherally, but also top to bottom. In addition, the lens is anti-fog and anti-scratch resistant and is locked into the frame with Scott’s Lens Lock System, which is designed to keep the lens in place no matter how great the impact. Outriggers and a three-layer foam provide a secure comfortable fit, while the large silicone-backed strap prevents slipping. The Prospect also comes with a clear lens and goggle bag.
Shop for the Scott Prospect Goggles here
Spy Foundation MX – $110.00

Spy puts an emphasis on the Foundation goggles’ wide peripheral view, HD Lexan lens which provides higher contrast vision in all lighting conditions, and its RISE ventilation system which maximizes the venturi effect of channeling air through the goggles. Other creature comforts such as triple-layer face foam, removable nose guard, and large strap complete the package. The Foundation comes with a 10-pack of tear-offs, a clear lens, and goggle bag.
Shop for the Spy Foundation MX Goggles here

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