Suzuki Announces Returning 2020 Off-Road Motorcycles

Suzuki announced five returning off-road dirt bikes and one dual-sport model, each coming back for 2020 with color updates. Some of these models, like the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250, received substantial updates in the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that they’re only getting updated graphics for 2020. Others, like the DR-Z125L, DR-Z50 and RM85 have remained relatively unchanged for quite some time now, so there’s no surprise there. The only street-legal model Suzuki announced today, the DR650S, is another long-standing model getting a new palette for 2020.
Perhaps more interesting are the models Suzuki didn’t announce. Among the dirt bikes, the RMX450Z was left off the list of returning models. Suzuki may announce its return at a later date, but it’s also possible the RM-Z-based trail bike may have been dropped for 2020.
Also missing from today’s news are Suzuki’s smaller dual sport models, the throwback VanVan 200, the DR200S and the DR-Z400S (plus its supermoto variant, the DR-Z400SM). In its announcement, Suzuki says the DR650S “returns as the first Suzuki DualSport model ready to hit the pavement or trails in 2020,” which implies that other dual sport models will be announced at a later date.
Along those lines, French publication Road Trip Magazine published a spy photo on its Facebook page of what looked like a pair of Suzuki dual sport prototypes. There was some speculation these were for a new V-Strom as the engine does appear to be a V-Twin, the styling (especially the beak) was more reminiscent of the Suzuki DR800S (a.k.a. the DR-Big). If Suzuki is indeed about to introduce a new DR model, it’s possible Suzuki is saving the smaller DR models for that announcement.
Until then, let’s take a look at the returning Suzuki dirt bike models confirmed for 2020.
2020 Suzuki DR650S

The DR650S and its 644cc  SOHC thumper returns for 2020 with a new Solid Iron Gray color scheme replacing last year’s black color. With wire-spoke wheels, a telescopic fork and link-style rear suspension offering 10.2-inches of travel, the DR650S should handle most off-road trails while still being suitable for paved roads. The 2020 Suzuki DR650S arrives in showrooms in August, priced at $6,699.

2020 Suzuki RM-Z450

The RM-Z450 received a large update in 2018, getting a revised intake system, a new throttle system and a new engine control module.  The aluminum twin-spar frame and swingarm were also new in 2018, both weighing less than the previous components. Showa coil-spring forks and balance-free rear cushion (BFRC) shock were also new, as were the brakes and bodywork.
For 2020, the Suzuki RM-Z450 receives updated graphics and will be in dealerships in July with a $8,999 price tag.

2020 Suzuki RM-Z250

Suzuki followed up on the RM-Z450 by giving the 250-class model an update for 2019. That update gave the RM-Z250 a lighter frame, a coil-spring KYB fork, and larger brake rotors, not to mention some engine updates to offer more power and improve throttle response.
The 2020 model is priced at $7,899 and will be available in August.

2020 Suzuki RM85

The only remaining two-stroke in Suzuki’s U.S. lineup, the RM85 returns for 2020 with updated graphics for $4,249. Look for it in Suzuki dealerships in August.

2020 Suzuki DR-Z125L

With a 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel, front and rear disc brakes and RM-Z-inspired bodywork, the DR-Z125L is designed offers a good trail-riding option for young and smaller stature riders. The 2020 model is priced at $3,299 and will arrive in dealerships in August.

2020 Suzuki DR-Z50

For beginner riders, Suzuki offers the DR-Z50. The automatic clutch helps riders learn to shift through the DR-Z50’s three gears, while the 22-inch seat height and light weight, compact size and ten-inch wheels help give young riders the confidence to learn the sport. Arriving in September, the 2020 Suzuki DR-Z50 is priced at $1,749.

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