Uber lays off another 435 people to stem big losses

Enlarge / An Uber car. (credit: nycshooter / Getty)
Uber has laid off 435 people in engineering and product roles in the company’s latest effort to stem growing losses. Uber laid off around 400 people in its marketing department in July.
“Previously, to meet the demands of a hyper-growth startup, we hired rapidly and in a decentralized way,” Uber said in an email to employees. “While this worked for Uber in the past, now that we have over 27,000 full-time employees in cities around the world, we need to shift how we design our organizations.”
Uber says that the layoffs represent about 8% of the engineering and product workforce. The two rounds of layoffs, put together, amount to about 3% of the company’s workforce. Techcrunch reports that 85% of the layoffs were in the United States.
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