Motorcycle categories have gotten a bit widespread, haven’t they? Companies like Ducati aren’t making things any easier when they call its 955cc Panigale V2 – an update from the 959 Panigale – a “Super-Mid.” Ironic, especially considering Ducati’s iconic 916 was formerly the cream of the sportbike crop. I think the proper way of looking at the current nomenclature is to consider the machine’s performance. With 1100cc V4s skewing the definitions of what a Superbike is, it seems natural for the Panigale V2 to follow along and break the middleweight rules, too. Because, looking at it from a performance aspect, this is the new level of middleweight performance. Time marches on, everyone, and technology just gets better and better.
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So it is, then, that the Ducati Panigale V2 falls into this no-man’s land of displacement and performance. Of course, you’d know this if you read my First Ride Review of the bike from its introduction in November. In short, the V2 takes the 959 Panigale, puts some V4 clothes on it, and adds IMU-aided electronics – a must in this day and age. Oh, and it’s now Euro5 compliant, too, all (ok, well, mostly) thanks to a revised exhaust and catalyzer engineered to be part of the motorcycle’s overall design. Not like the huge dual-canister exhaust contraption Ducati was forced to slap on the 959 Panigale for the Euro market (and that was just to meet Euro4!) 
In this video, we get my thoughts about the Panigale V2 to go along with my written words. On-board and trackside riding footage (hopefully) stimulate the visual senses. Together, here’s hoping the 12 minutes and 32 seconds you spend watching answers some questions and leaves you entertained. Enjoy!
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