5 Things You Need To Know About The 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard

We first learned about the impending release of the 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard thanks to the excellent sleuthing of MO’s Production Editor, Dennis Chung, who dug the information out of the dark recesses of the CARB website.  Only ten days later, Harley confirmed the Softail Standard, and now, as we take delivery of one for the full MO-review treatment, we thought you might like a little information about the newest member of the Softail family. 
2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard Certified By CARB
2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard First Look

1. Least expensive Softail
With a $13,599 MSRP, the Standard is the lowest-priced member of the Softail family. That’s $1,000 less than the next closest Softail, the $14,599 Street Bob, but the numbers get closer if you opt for the $795 ABS package (and why wouldn’t you). For those of you who are counting, the king of the Softail family is the Fat Boy 114 at $20,599, a $7,000 difference!

2. Rides on the solid base of the Softail platform
Last seen in the 2007 model year, a lot has happened to Softails during its absence. First, in 2018, the Softail platform was completely revamped. The new chassis, which is a modular design to allow for differences between Softail models, is significantly stiffer than before. During the update, the shock was moved from below the engine to behind it, hidden in the frame. Powering the Standard is the Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin engine, an impressive mill that has been wowing MO testers since it was introduced. The changes all added up to a higher-performance, better cornering motorcycle – all of which are included in the Standard’s package.

3. It’s for the rugged individualist
Don’t let the photo above fool you. On the standard, you’re riding solo. That’s right, the Softail standard has no passenger accommodations from the factory. There are, however, pillion accessory options available.

4. Harley considers it a blank canvas for customization
The stripped-down looks are the point of the Softail Standard. You get the clean lines to use as the starting point for creating your own vision of a Softail. You can choose to hop-up the Big Twin engine through one of the Screamin’ Eagle kits or go your own way in the aftermarket. When it comes to the visuals, the sky is the limit from the basic black bobber style. 

5. Four accessory packages are available
Not everyone has the time or the inclination to build their own custom Standard. So, Harley has stepped up with four packages for customers to choose from, covering a wide variety of options from touring to profiling to bumping up the power output. 
Day Tripper Custom Package ($1,049.95): Here’s where you get your pillion on. The package also includes forward controls for the rider and a nifty black leather Swingarm Bag.
Coastal Custom Package ($1,599.95): You don’t have to live on the West Coast to appreciate its style. So, you get to add a Softail Quarter Fairing, black anodized aluminum Moto Bar handlebar and matching 5.5-inch tall riser. Since taking a friend along for the ride is twice as fun, a Bevel two-up seat and passenger footpegs round out the kit.
Touring Custom Package ($1,699.95): Designed to hit the open road for some light-duty touring – with a friend – the package consists of a 14-inch, detachable windshield and removable saddlebags. Yes, there is a passenger seat with a 14.5-inch detachable, padded sissy bar.
Performance Custom Package ($1,299.95): Want improved performance that is 50-state legal and doesn’t void your factory warranty? This is the package for you, featuring Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Torque kit, Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner, Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner, and Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon mufflers. All you have to do to keep the warranty is have your dealer install the performance bits.
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