Call For Submissions: Readers’ Rides

“When the house is filled with dread, place the beds head to head. `Tis an old Armenian custom,” or so says Emma Dunn in the 1939 classic Son of Frankenstein – the awesome original film Mel Brooks built Young Frankenstein upon 35 years later – and let’s see… 46 years ago. If you haven’t seen both lately, now that you’re cooped up could be a good time to do so. 
But that’s not the point. The point is there are classic, time-tested countermoves to be made to lessen the sting, if not ward off all catastrophes, including global pandemic. And now that our new-bike reviews and comparisons and things are on hiatus for an unknowable amount of time, we’ve decided to resurrect a true classic to help fill the moto void: Readers’ Rides. Having readers send in pictures of their own motorcycles, along with glowing words of devotion, modifications they’ve made, places they’ve been, hardships and relationships they’ve weathered together, has long been a staple of laz, errrr, enthusiast publications like MO, and it’s time to start back up immediately. It helps us all if yours is a unique, interesting motorcycle and not a stock EX500, but you know how we are: generous, open-minded and patient. If we select your bike to grace the pixels of MO, you’ll bask in no monetary or other reward of any kind, only the warm knowledge that you’re doing your part to keep our community whole in this tough time. We’re suckers for nice photos and descriptive words. Send yours to and title it “Readers’ Rides.”
I’ll start. Here’s my 2000 R1 naked bike, and my dearly departed hound, Ruler. RIP buddy.
[What’s wrong with stock EX500s? – Ed.] Here’s Evans with his somewhere in Mississippi in 1989.
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