Polestar’s latest concept shows it thinks differently about design

The Polestar Precept isn’t destined for production, but many of the ideas we see here will show up in the Polestar 3, a performance electric SUV due in late 2021. [credit:

The Polestar Precept was one of the cars I was most looking forward to seeing in person before the Geneva auto show got cancelled. The brand is a new one, spun out of Volvo with a fully funded mission to build exciting electric vehicles. And the Precept is a statement in that regard, with some interesting things to say about the way an EV can look, both outside and inside, that aren’t just a rehash of decades-old conventions. Polestar was evidently sad that it couldn’t show off its latest design study to the wider world, too, and so it sent us a bunch of new images of the car while designer Max Missoni hopped on a phone in Sweden to talk to me about the Precept.
Although the Precept is just a design study, it has been designed in parallel with the Polestar 3, a coupe-like SUV that should arrive before the end of 2021. “However, we are always careful to not overpromise and do design studies that are so far away from reality that none of it could be imagined in production,” Missoni told me. “A lot of the elements of the Precept are going to resurface in Polestar 3. So, the dimensions and features and design language is quite realistic.”
The car’s shape has been heavily influenced by the demands of aerodynamic efficiency, which is why there’s what looks like a floating-wing element over the nose, as well as a rather unusual rear end.Read 7 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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