This is Nissan’s cheapest new car (and also one of its better ones)

The 2020 Nissan Versa is the third generation of the nameplate. It’s longer and wider than before, but not as tall. [credit:

Late last year, we reviewed Nissan’s new Sentra. As small sedans go, it was attractive and affordable, if a bit uninspiring to drive. As it turns out, if you’re looking for an inexpensive new car, Nissan actually has a better option for you—one that’s even cheaper. It’s the third-generation Versa, and this subcompact starts at a mere $14,730. Even a fully loaded Versa SR like the one we drove for a week will squeeze in under the $20,000 barrier, which makes it remarkably good value in 2020.
I must confess that, at first, I struggled to understand why Nissan would spend the money to develop both the Versa and the Sentra. At first glance, the two sedans look very similar and share a lot of design details, like the V-motion grille and a floating C-pillar. But this is Nissan’s entry-level car, which means it’s also the smallest one in its range. The vehicle has grown compared to the previous Versa; at 177 inches (4,496mm) long and 68.5 inches (1,740mm) wide, it’s slightly longer and wider, and it has a three-inch shorter wheelbase (103.1 inches/2,619mm).
But it is less tall than the last Versa. The exact height depends on the trim level—at 57.7 inches (1,466mm) the SR stands slightly taller than the 57.3 inches (1,455mm) of the S and SV trims, which is a little more than two inches (51mm) less than the previous model, which gives it much better proportions. As always, styling is a subjective thing, but to this observer, it’s not a bad-looking car, with some sharp-looking creases on the body panels. Certainly, Nissan has managed to make its sedan lineup look like a cohesive family, which is something not every OEM can say.Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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