Apple adds CarKey function to iOS14, BMW will support it first

Enlarge / The answer to Beenie Man’s eternal question is “my iPhone.” (credit: Apple)
On Monday, Apple revealed a new feature in iOS 14 that will allow (some) users to ditch the keys to their car. It’s called CarKey, and it’s Apple’s implementation of the Car Connectivity Consortium’s Digital Key Release 2.0 standard, which was finalized in early May. The idea is pretty simple. You pair your phone with your car—assuming your vehicle supports this new standard—and from then on you can use the device to unlock and start your car.
The digital key communicates with your car via near-field communication (NFC) and is stored in the same secure enclave that your iPhone uses to store credit cards. That means it’s protected by Face ID or Touch ID, although there is an Express Mode option that allows you to skip authentication. And since it’s a digital key, it can also be shared with other iOS users the way you can share other items in your iOS wallet. However, you don’t need Internet access for it to work, so there shouldn’t be any worries about being locked out of your car if you take a trip to the boonies.
Although this is the first time Apple has implemented this connected car tech, it’s not a new idea. BMW will be the first carmaker to support Apple CarKey when the face-lifted 5 Series goes on sale in July, but the German OEM has already offered an Android version for some time now via its BMW Connected app.Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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