This is what the new Ford F-150 display and infotainment looks like

The most conventional view shows you your engine revs on the left and speed on the right, with other pertinent information in the middle. [credit:

Among the most immediately noticeable technology upgrades in the new Ford F-150 are the truck’s digital displays. We didn’t have any images to share when our coverage was published on Thursday, but Ford sent over a pair of short clips that show off the new UI for the digital main instrument cluster and its latest Sync 4 infotainment system. So we decided to share them with you now. You can check out the gallery above, or watch the pair of video clips embedded below.
12.3-inch main instrument display
The F-150 isn’t the first Ford to get an all-digital dash; you can find a 12-inch display instead of old-fashioned dials in newer Mustangs, and the electric Mustang Mach-E crossover uses a 10-inch display in front of the driver. The 12.3-inch screen that faces you in a 2021 F-150 looks more elegant than any of those ‘stangs, though:
“The idea is it presents information in a very directed way so that it almost behaves like a concierge. So it’s presenting the most important information and being able to move things around in a digital environment to make room for other content that’s perhaps more important,” said Mark Sich, F-150 digital designer at Ford. The move away from a skeuomorphic UI required some testing with Ford’s truck customers, Sich told Ars. “What we discovered was that, as long as the information is presented in a real, digestible, understandable, hierarchical way, they were willing to really take that leap of faith.”Read 4 remaining paragraphs | Comments
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