How to make an electric bicycle at home?

What is a Basic requirement to make an electric bicycle at home?

  • Working condition bicycle
  • Electric bicycle conversion kit
  • Good battery(36 or 48 volts)
  • Good quality of wheel disk
  • Chain
  • Wire

Create an Electric bicycle for the basic step








Detail Explain step by step

To make an electric bicycle at home is not as tough that we could think we just need a regular bicycle in working condition and one electric bicycle conversion kit and a good life battery.

This isn’t expensive if you already have a bicycle but if you don’t have a bicycle you need to manage a second-hand bicycle with a good price whose wheels are about 26 inches or less is this is a common size at all.

one shouldn’t use a bicycle with a Carbon fiber frame if it is not strong enough to carry enough weight of a battery a bicycle must contain good quality dice brakes and wide handlebars, as these are the better options accessories.

An electric bicycle conversion kit comes with a wheel motor that fits your bicycle will which you have already on your bicycle and an electric bicycle conversion kit contains a throttle speed controller and a wheel with a hub motor. And that motor should be on the front wheel because the front wheel is much easier to replace as compared to the back wheel.

A good quality battery should be purchased along with the electric conversion kit and the whole electric bicycle depends on the battery quality and capacity, so we should choose a battery of 36 or 48 volts because the higher voltage of the battery makes the bicycle more powerful and comfortable, 10 AH battery is better for short trips while the 20 AH battery is better for long rides. You should choose a 20AH battery because it has an extra capacity, you have no need to charge the battery in a short time period.

After completing the certain process is like install the tired motor to the bicycle Wheel in existing it and also existing the break and the other electric parts of conversation kid then place the battery and join the speed controller with the battery and check the all cables properly and tight it if anyone is loose then charge the bicycle, it can be said that we had made an electric bicycle at home with low expensive budget.

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